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Alan Kemister is the pen name of Phil Yeats, a retired scientist living in Halifax Nova Scotia who is experimenting with creative writing. He has a keen interest in environmental science and dabbled in yachting and golf before turning to fiction. Yachting can be physically challenging, golf offers gentler exercise but more frustration, creative writing, no exercise but maximum frustration. Can these be positive trends?

Most of his fourteen short stories were written using the pen name Alan Kemister to keep a minimal degree of separation between his real science and the fictional variants in some of the stories.

He has published two soft-boiled mysteries in a series of novels set in a fictional town on Nova Scotia's South Shore. He is working on books three and four in this series as well as an Earth-based science fiction dystopia set a few years in the future. He also finds time to write the odd short story. Maybe some of them will get published.

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